Economy, Jobs, and Regulations

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Revitalizing our economy and putting Americans back to work is my top priority in Washington. 

Unfortunately, families and small businesses are struggling. We need to get Americans back to work and in order to do that, the federal government must not continue to stifle growth with the threat of new taxes, burdensome regulations and other policies counterproductive to job creation.

Research by the Kauffman Foundation reveals that firms less than five years old create seven out of 10 new jobs. This data underscores the importance of new firm formation and the critical role of small businesses in our economy.

With this in mind, it is imperative that Congress pursue policies that remove the obstacles to job creation faced by startups and entrepreneurs, and do what is possible to encourage American small businesses to create, invest and grow, including simplifying our complex tax code, ensuring better access to capital, reducing our debt and deficit, and stopping federal regulations that are estimated to do more harm than good.

I support policies to empower the private sector and limit the size and scope of the federal government. I will work to eliminate unnecessary and burdensome regulations, and get government off the backs of our small businesses so that they can grow and create jobs.

Related Legislation:
H.R: 434: Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act

H.R. 1106: Small Business Investment Company Modernization Act of 2013

H.R. 2236: Promoting Startup Innovation Act

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