Health Care

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It is critical Americans have access to quality, affordable health care. Sadly, I believe the Affordable Care Act (ACA) signed into law by President Obama will worsen the availability of affordable health care—inserting Washington bureaucrats into patient care decisions which should be made by them and their doctors.

The ACA adds thousands of pages of new and onerous regulations which cripple small businesses and cause rising health insurance premiums. Additionally, these regulations make many aspects of providing care more difficult for health care providers.

However, there are provisions within President Obama’s health care plan worth keeping, such as allowing young adults up to age 26 to remain on their parents’ plan and reforming rules on pre-existing conditions. But other common-sense reforms, such as medical liability reform to drive down the cost of defensive medicine, were left out.

Ultimately, this law does more harm than good and should be replaced with thoughtful reforms to protect Americans’ access to needed care from the doctor they choose at a lower cost. 

I support full repeal of the ACA. While I agree our health care system needs reform, we must pass a measure that does not hurt job-creation and put unconstitutional mandates on Americans.

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