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Local Appropriations Requests

Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations

Project Name: Safe Neighborhood Camera Initiative

Requested Amount: $200,000

Recipient: City of Montgomery, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 10101 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Safe Neighborhood Camera Initiative Letter

Project Description: The Safe Neighborhood Camera Initiative consists of cameras mounted in fixed locations to assist law enforcement in the identification of vehicles, location of missing persons, and detection of criminal activity. The system will use existing utility poles or manufacturer supplied poles utilizing solar where supplied power is not feasible. The system combines license plate reader technologies, with data analytics to determine license plate, manufacturer, color, geolocation of the passing vehicle and additionally incorporates certain audio triggers (gunshots, glass breaking, etc.) for additional data incorporation. With one aspect of the system being the collection of data and analyzing, and with the other is the ability of the system to notify the local law enforcement agency of the presence of vehicles which have and NCIC entry, such as stolen vehicles, vehicles associated with missing persons (including AMBER Alerts and Silver Alerts), and vehicles associated with serious felonies entered into NCIC. The system has the ability to identify vehicles by other features besides license, color and vehicle make by cataloging features such as window stickers, roof racks, sunroofs and bumper stickers for those instances where a license plate has been removed or purposely obscured. This type of data can be extremely helpful in situations where very limited information is available for a suspect vehicle, with the system allowing specific searches, i.e. a red car with a luggage rack - previously this description would be worthless, however this technology allows a search for all red vehicles with luggage racks with a high probability that this vehicle could be identified. This system would be extremely beneficial in providing actionable leads to investigators on a large percentage of offenses which would normally be unsolvable.

Energy & Water Appropriations

Project Name: North Bend Riverfront Project

Requested Amount: $4,685,000

Recipient: Village of North Bend, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 21 Taylor Avenue, North Bend, Ohio 45052

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: North Bend Riverfront Project Letter

Project Description: This project includes an Adventure Multi-Purpose Park for Adults and Children (named William Henry Harrison Presidential Park), Walking Paths and Biking Trails, an Event Lawn, Dog Park, Boat Docks and more. If this project is approved, the citizens who will benefit extend beyond North Bend, Ohio. This project enhances the historical, educational, community, and recreational impact of the tristate region. The North Bend Riverfront Park Project will reform this blighted property and bring expansive economic growth to our region.

Interior and Environment Appropriations

Project Name: West Kemper Road Storm Water Improvement Project

Requested Amount: $1,209,900

Recipient: City of Forest Park, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 1201 West Kemper Road, Forest Park, Ohio 45240

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: West Kemper Road Storm Water Improvement Project

Project Description: The project request is to re-grade the roadside ditches, install curbs and gutters along West Kemper Road, add storm sewer infrastructure, install new trees along the streetscape and replace portions of the sidewalk that have deteriorated or settled due to the ditches. The regrading will provide a standard slope from the sidewalk at the right of way down to the new curbs and gutters. The new curbs and gutters will provide a solid edge and drainage path for the roadway and on-street parking. In doing this new curb inlet catch basins and storm piping will be required to properly outlet the drainage flows. The connections will be placed with storm water BMPs to ensure the proper water quality flows away from the site.

Labor, HHS, and Education Appropriations

Project Name: Center for Addiction Treatment Recovery House

Requested Amount: $500,000

Recipient: Center for Addiction Treatment

Address of Recipient: 830 Ezzard Charles Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio 45214

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Center for Addiction Treatment Recovery House Letter

Project Description: The Center for Addiction Treatment (CAT) operates one of the largest non-profit medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinics in Ohio and is the only non-profit non-hospital medical detox center within a 180-mile radius of Cincinnati.  CAT is planning to build a Recovery House on Ezzard Charles Drive which incorporates task force recommendations on how to increase treatment capacity and create a model of integrated behavioral health and physical health on one campus. With Phase 1 of this building plan completed, Phase 2, the CAT Recovery House, will be a four-story building with a basement that provides housing for 40 adults for up to 9 months. The occupants will be men and women who are in the early phase of recovery, having completed a residential treatment program or who would be appropriate for an outpatient treatment program if safe-sober housing were available. It is expected that more than 50% of residents will be involved in a MAT program while living in the house.

Project Name:
Cincinnati Children’s Cell Sorter

Requested Amount: $630,000

Recipient: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Address of Recipient: 3333 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Cincinnati Children's Cell Sorter Letter

Project Description: Cincinnati Children’s has requested a high-end cell sorter to increase the pace of research to perform discovery-rich activities such as identifying rare precursor cells for leukemias, identifying bone marrow cells involved in autoinflammatory syndromes, identifying specific mutations in single cells targeted with CRISPR, and isolation of cells with specific recombination events in stem cells, ultimately to determine the underlying mechanisms of pediatric diseases. This instrument will be placed in the Research Flow Cytometry Core, which serves approximately 200 Principal Investigators per year.

Project Name: Good Samaritan Hospital Intra-Operative Positioning System

Requested Amount: $589,000

Recipient: The Good Samaritan Hospital of Cincinnati

Address of Recipient: 375 Dixmyth Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Good Samaritan Hospital Intra-Operative Positioning System Letter

Project Description: This request enables Good Samaritan Hospital to purchase one Intra-Operative Positioning System (IOPS) unit, an FDA-approved surgical navigation system providing safe 3D color arterial viewing in minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures. These procedures use X-ray fluoroscopy and can last several hours, during which everyone in the room is exposed to dangerous ionizing radiation from thousands of X-rays. IOPS reduces the need to expose patients and caregivers to this radiation and reduces the need to inject patients with toxic contrast dyes. Repeated X-ray exposure is known to burn skin and increase cancer risk in patients, and contrast dye can cause kidney damage. For healthcare workers, occupational radiation exposure brings serious risks including cataracts, cognitive deficits, musculoskeletal injuries, brain tumors and other cancers that may not show signs or symptoms for 10 years or more. IOPS mitigates these preventable health risks while giving physicians superior guidance.

Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations

Project Name: Building Better Neighborhoods Phase 1

Requested Amount: $12 million

Recipient: City of Cincinnati, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 801 Plum Street, Suite 150, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Building Better Neighborhoods Phase 1 Letter

Project Description: Building Better Neighborhoods Phase 1 is a portion of a larger project for which the City submitted a RAISE grant. Phase 1 consists of improvements to Linn Street in the West End Neighborhood. The project is located within an "Area of Persistent Poverty" as defined by the 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act and in a "Historically Disadvantaged Community" per OMB's Interim Guidance for the Justice40 Initiative. Linn Street is the main roadway through the heart of the West End Neighborhood; there are multiple schools, neighborhood recreation center, the public library, large senior housing, and numerous small businesses that front Linn Street. Linn St has been identified as one of the top pedestrian crash corridors in the City of Cincinnati. The reduction of travel lanes will help reduce travel speeds through the corridor, enhancing comfort, safety and overall livability of the neighborhood. Bump-outs and center medians will create refugee areas and reduce pedestrian crossing lengths, greatly improving the pedestrian safety of the corridor. In addition to the actual safety improvements, the project will provide comfort for those accessing the transit as the City has heard in its public meetings that many residents, particularly the elderly population, are scared to cross Linn Street to get to their bus stops. The creation of the protected bike facility will provide another safe mode of travel that will connect to existing facilities with access to numerous other neighborhoods and job centers. There are over 5,500 residents within two blocks of the Linn St project. The project will indirectly benefit tens of thousands of City of Cincinnati residents. Linn Street will be a destination rather than a raceway for peak hour commuter traffic to and from downtown during rush hours and large events. It will be measurably safer, based on crash data and with the stated comfort of residents that need to utilize alternate transportation modes.

Project Name: Clear Creek Bike Path Connector

Requested Amount: $782,000

Recipient: City of Franklin, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 1 Benjamin Franklin Way, Franklin, Ohio 45005

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Clear Creek Bike Path Connector Letter

Project Description: The City is proposing to construct approximately 1.65 miles of 10’ wide asphalt multi-use path between Franklin Community Park and Hazel Woods Park within the City of Franklin. The connector path will include one pedestrian bridge across Clear Creek. The bike path connector will immediately connect two parks within the City of Franklin and ultimately connect the Great Miami River Trail and Little Miami Scenic Trail across northern Warren County. This project is included in the long-range transportation plan of the Miami Valley Bike Plan and supports the goals of the Warren County Multi-Use Trails Master Plan.

Project Name:
Cultural Arts Center ADA Compliance

Requested Amount: $750,000

Recipient: Village of Evendale, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 10500 Reading Road, Evendale, Ohio 45241

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Cultural Arts Center ADA Compliance Letter

Project Description: The Evendale Cultural Arts Center is in a 1920’s 3-story former school with no means for patrons, employees and volunteers with disabilities or other physical challenges to safely access all three floors (and the year-round programs, classes events, activities, etc. offered throughout the building) other than by an internal stairwell. Furthermore, five of the six Center entry/exit points require stairs to access; the sixth entry/exit point leads to a ground floor only. The installation of a new elevator and entryway will provide ADA accessibility to all parts of the Center. The Center is often unable to accommodate individuals who wish to participate in Center programs, lessons, shows, activities, etc. due to the Village’s inability to provide safe access. Evendale, with a daytime population of 22,000, has one of the highest median ages (around 50) of any community in Hamilton County making accessibility to public facilities a high priority. The Center is home to more than 35 arts-related businesses, 17 instructors and countless volunteers providing year-round services. While it’s difficult to accurately estimate the number of people who have not been able to access our public building and services, the Village understands that a nearby public Arts facility located in Springfield Township saw a 304% increase in class attendance after upgrading their facilities to include ADA accessibility.

Project Name:
 Findlay Community Center

Requested Amount: $5,000,000

Recipient: Cincinnati City Center Development Corporation (3CDC)

Address of Recipient: 1203 Walnut Street, 4th Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Findlay Community Center Letter

Project Description: Three properties owned by the City of Cincinnati and controlled by the Cincinnati Recreation Commission (CRC) in the city’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood are in various states of disrepair and underinvestment: Findlay Playground, Grant Park, and the Over-the-Rhine Recreation Center. Both Findlay Playground and Grant Park have become hotbeds of criminal activity in recent years: between Jan. 2017 – Dec. 2019, within 500 feet of Findlay and Grant Parks, there were 175 Part I & II crimes, and 3 murders. The Findlay Community Center project would revitalize these blighted properties, addressing the safety issues in the area through a reduction in crime and providing economic development benefits to the community. Physical improvements at Findlay Playground, Grant Park, and the Over the Rhine Rec Center would greatly benefit the approximately 3,200 residents of these struggling census tracts through improved community spaces, new amenities, and community-based programming. These upgraded facilities will also act as a catalyst for additional development, eliminating blight and vacancy that further exacerbates the current public safety issues in the area.

Project Name:
Little Miami River Improvement Project

Requested Amount: $3,000,000

Recipient: Warren County, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 210 West Main Street, Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Little Miami River Improvement Project Letter

Project Description: The proposed 48-foot wide, 550-foot-long King Ave. Bridge will carry two lanes of traffic across the Little Miami River in Warren County. The bridge will remain in its current two-lane configuration, but the lanes will be widened, and safety shoulders will be added in both directions. The new structure will be built upstream of the existing bridge crossing.  In addition, a new 10-foot multi-use path will be built on the new bridge that will separate pedestrians from traffic, and a tunnel will be built for a portion of the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail, which will separate the trail from Grandin Rd. A new parking lot for Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail users will be built and the project also will include a new roundabout at the intersection of the Peters Cartridge Factory development and parking lot access for the trail. 

Project Name:
N. Broadway Corridor Improvements

Requested Amount: $500,000

Recipient: City of Lebanon, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 50 South Broadway, Lebanon, Ohio, 45036

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: N. Broadway Corridor Improvements Letter

Project Description: The City is pursuing funding for infrastructure improvements along the 1.02-mile N. Broadway (S.R. 48) corridor. The project would consist of the replacement of an aging water main, and any lead services that may be encountered during construction. Based on the age of the houses and buildings along this corridor, the City is concerned that lead services may be present. Additionally, in conjunction with the water main replacement project, a multi-use paved path will be constructed along the corridor. This will replace an on-road bike lane with a much safer, separate paved path for the public to utilize. This separate path is a direct recommendation of the recently completed Safe Routes to School plan and the City’s Parks Master Plan, and will greatly enhance safety along this corridor. The total project cost estimate is $3.1 million, and the City is requesting $500,000 in funding through the Community Project program. The remaining funding amount will be provided by the City.

Project Name:
Smale Riverfront Park Erosion Project

Requested Amount: $1,200,000

Recipient: City of Cincinnati, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 801 Plum Street, Suite 150, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202.

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Smale Riverfront Park Erosion Project Letter

Project Description: Section 1202(b) of the Water Resources Infrastructure Improvements for Nation of 2016 (WIIN) directs the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to review the Central Riverfront Park Master Plan, dated December 1999, and the Ohio Riverfront Study, Cincinnati, Ohio Report dated August 2002, to determine the feasibility of carrying out flood risk reduction, ecosystem restoration, and recreation components beyond the ecosystem restoration and recreation components that were undertaken pursuant to Section 5116 of the Water Resources Development Act, Public Law 110-114 (WRDA). Additional federal funds are needed to complete the second phase of the project, which entails a feasibility level of detail decision document. The decision document will include the results of an evaluation of Federal interest in implementing additional flood risk reduction, ecosystem restoration, and recreation components identified in the Central Riverfront Master Plan and the Ohio Riverfront Study.

Project Name:
South Lebanon Water Tower Project

Requested Amount: $516,000

Recipient: City of South Lebanon, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 10 N. High Street, South Lebanon, Ohio 45065

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: South Lebanon Water Tower Project Letter

Project Description: The project includes the interior and exterior recoating/repainting of the City of South Lebanon's sole water tower that supplies water to over half of the City's residents. Based on a recent inspection of the water tower, the interior and exterior are in need of recoating. This water tower not only serves the current residents and businesses, but it also would provide water to new development within the South Lebanon water service area. Public utilities are one of the main components in economic development and this project would ensure a safe, adequate supply of water for future development in the City.

Project Name:
Village of Corwin Stormwater Improvements Project

Requested Amount: $1,119,440

Recipient: Village of Corwin, Ohio

Address of Recipient: 8401 Claude Thomas R. Ste. 51, Franklin, Ohio 45005

Member Letter of Support and Certification Letter: Village of Corwin Stormwater Improvements Project Letter

Project Description: The Village plans on undertaking a stormwater improvement project which is designed to improve containment of runoff, contain stormwater more effectively, and help prevent the flooding of properties and lands within the project area. This project will also have a positive effect on the health and welfare of the community. It will reduce the mosquito population, reduce the risk to homeowners and businesses by reducing flooding and high-water conditions that are hazardous to both children and adults, and stop erosion of properties.   


Local Appropriations Requests

Infrastructure Legislation

Brent Spence Corridor:

Project Name:  HAM-75-1.95 (Brent Spence Corridor)
Project Location:  1-75 from Findlay St. (south of Marshall Ave.), Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202
Project Sponsor: ODOT
Requested Amount:  $4.5 million (Joint Request with Rep. Wenstrup for a total of $9 million)
Member Certification Form:  Brent Spence Corridor Certification Letter

Western Hills Viaduct:

Project Name:  Western Hills Viaduct Replacement Project
Project Location:  Harrison and Queen City Avenues, Cincinnati, OH 45214
Project Sponsor: City of Cincinnati
Requested Amount:  $15 million
Member Certification Form:  Western Hills Viaduct Certification Letter

Brent Spence Bridge Policy Considerations:

Additionally, Congressmen Chabot and Wenstrup submitted a letter to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee seeking policy considerations that will place the appropriate emphasis on major projects of national import, like the Brent Spence Bridge.  First, they requested that the legislation direct USDOT to give greater consideration when reviewing Projects of Regional and National Significance grant applications to bridges that carry two or more federal highways between two states.  Secondly, they requested the creation of a major bridge competitive grant program to be administered by USDOT, which would place the focus on bridge projects that cost more than $500 million.  By adopting these policy changes, Congress will prioritize funding for those projects that have "a broad and substantial economic impact" both regionally and nationally.

The letter from Chabot and Wenstrup can be viewed HERE.

Department of Transportation Appropriations
State Route 63 Widening:

Project Name:  State Route 63 Widening
Requested Amount:  $500,000
Recipient:  Warren County, Ohio
Address of Recipient:  406 Justice Drive, Lebanon, Ohio, 45036
Member Certification Letter:  Chabot OH63 Certification Letter

Project Description:  The requested appropriation would allow Warren County, Ohio to widen approximately 2.4 miles of SR 63 from its existing two (2) lanes to four (4) lanes between Union Road and just east of SR 741. Vertical realignment is included to address safety issues.  Two-way left turn lanes and/or turn lanes shall be provided.  Prior to the construction, utilities will be relocated beyond the safe “clear-zones” of the shoulder area.  SR 63 functions as a primary rural arterial and part of the important regional network connecting Interstates 71 and 75 and cities, jobs centers, logistics generators, and recreation destination in Warren as well as adjoining Butler County, despite having only two travel lanes and significant design, capacity and safety deficiencies. Today, travel demand exceeds the nominal roadway capacity by 80%, and crash rates are twice the statewide average for similar facilities.  As a result, the current level of service (LOS) often degrades to “D” (Poor) or worse during the extended peak travel periods.  The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds, because increasing capacity along SR 63, from two to four though lanes, will dramatically improve safety, as well as traffic flow between Interstates 71 and 75.

Additional details regarding the proposed project are available in the appropriations request letter submitted by Congressman Chabot, which can be viewed HERE.

Department of Health and Human Services Appropriations 
UC Medical Center Emergency Care Expansion:

Project Name: UC Medical Center’s Center for Emergency Care Expansion
Requested Amount: $6.3 million
Recipient: UC Medical Center
Address of Recipient: 234 Goodman Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45219
Member Certification Letter: Chabot UCMC Certification Letter

Project Description: The requested appropriation would help to fund the expansion of the Center for Emergency Care (CEC) at UC Medical Center for mass casualty preparedness and response.  Specifically, the project would focus on the development of a mass casualty collection and triage space, and the expansion of rapid care space to better respond to future pandemics.  The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds, because it will bring increased capability and readiness to the Greater Cincinnati region’s only academic medical center and Level 1 Trauma Center.  Additional details regarding the proposed project are available in the appropriations request letter submitted by Congressmen Chabot and Wenstrup, which can be viewed HERE.

Department of Justice Appropriations
Hamilton County P25 Radio System Enhancement:

Project Name:  Hamilton County P25 Radio System Enhancement
Requested Amount:  $1.6 million
Recipient:  Hamilton County, Ohio
Address of Recipient:  138 E. Court Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202
Member Certification Letter:  Chabot Hamilton County P25 Radio Certification Letter

Project Description:  The requested appropriation would allow Hamilton County to improve and enhance it’s current P25 Radio System Enhancement.  Hamilton County currently maintains a Motorola P25 digitally trunked 800MHz radio system which was originally deployed in 2004 and was most recently upgraded for Ohio Multi-Agency Radio Communications System compatibility in 2016. Since then, Hamilton County has identified the need for further enhancements to its radio system to better support public safety operations throughout the county. All aspects of the upgraded equipment will be used to enhance the systems used to investigate, respond to and prevent crime.  The project would be a valuable use of taxpayer funds, because it will upgrade critical emergency communications technology which will increase public safety in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Additional details regarding the proposed project are available in the appropriations request letter submitted by Congressman Chabot, which can be viewed HERE.