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NPR: Republican Rep. Steve Chabot Discusses Trump Impeachment

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December 18, 201910:01 PM ET Heard on All Things Considered Listen here NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Republican Rep. Steve Chabot of Ohio, who is on the House Judiciary Committee, about next steps after the House voted to impeachment President Trump on Wednesday. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: As we've been reporting tonight, President Trump became the third president in U.S. history to be impeached. The Hou...

Dayton Daily News: All local members of Congress vote against Trump impeachment

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Congressmen Turner, Jordan, Davidson and Chabot all support President Trump. Dayton-area Republican members of Congress criticized the impeachment process as they spoke Wednesday ahead of the historic impeachment vote on President Donald Trump. All four local Republican members of Congress voted against the two articles of impeachment against the president. U.S. Mike Turner, a Dayton Republican, ...

SPECTRUM: How Ohio’s U.S. House Members Voted On Impeachment

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Trump on Wednesday, Ohio’s 16 House members fell in line with their political party. Ohio Republicans vote against impeachment Ohio Democrats vote for impeachment Trial will now happen in the Senate All 12 Ohio Republicans voted against impeachment, while all four Ohio Democrats voted for it. Many of them took to the Hou...

WLWT: Republicans in Tri-State stand with President Trump against articles of impeachment

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By: Todd Dykes WASHINGTON — Brad Wenstrup is the Congressman for communities east of Cincinnati, including Anderson Township. Late Wednesday afternoon, Wenstrup joined his fellow Republicans condemning two articles of impeachment against President Trump. "No crime, no impeachable offense. That's a pretty good defense, if you ask me," Wenstrup, R-OH, said. "It's yet another attempt to reach a prede...

Yahoo News: Impeachment managers: What do they do, and whom will Nancy Pelosi pick?

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Alexander Nazaryan National Correspondent, Yahoo News WASHINGTON — With the House of Representatives expected to vote affirmatively on two articles of impeachment against President Trump, Speaker Nancy Pelosi now faces the task of choosing “impeachment managers” from the chamber’s ranks. The role of the impeachment managers will prove critical to Democrats’ prospects as they attempt to remove Trum...

NYT: Clinton’s Impeachment Was Suspenseful. Trump’s Grip on G.O.P. Means His Won’t Be.

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By Peter Baker WASHINGTON — Even as the House Judiciary Committee prepared to vote on articles of impeachment, Lindsey Graham was in a back room trying to cut a last-minute deal. If the president fully admitted what he had done, he could head off charges of high crimes and misdemeanors. Mr. Graham scribbled on a piece of paper what the president had to say. As the president came before cameras at ...

The Atlantic: Why Impeachment Is Different This Time Around

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By: Edward-Isaac Dovere President Donald Trump is on the verge of becoming the first president to be impeached by the House in more than two decades. A lot has changed in Congress since that time, but Steve Chabot, a Republican representative from Ohio, is still around. Back then, he was one of the House Republicans tapped as an impeachment manager to prosecute the case against Bill Clinton in the...

CNN: What House Judiciary lawmakers said about impeachment in 1998 -- and in 2019

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By Dana Bash and Bridget Nolan, CNN (CNN)Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler in 2019 sounds a lot like Republican Rep. James Sensenbrenner did in 1998. "Abuse of power" is what Nadler calls President Donald Trump's actions, declaring them impeachable. He "obstructed and abused power," is what Sensenbrenner said of President Bill Clinton's actions back then. The Wisconsin Republican now rails against Demo...

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