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Small Business Committee Weighs in on SBA FY2017 Budget

Small Business Committee
Weighs in on SBA FY2017 Budget


WASHINGTON – The House Committee on Small Business approved its official views and estimates on the FY2017 budget for the Small Business Administration (SBA) today.

While Committee Chairman Steve Chabot (R-OH) noted bipartisan support for key programs designed to help entrepreneurs, he stressed the need for swift action to correct serious management problems at the SBA related to IT security, access to capital and competition for federal contracts.

“Federal taxpayers and American entrepreneurs must have an efficient and effective SBA. This Committee and its Subcommittees have held a number of hearings which have examined the operations of the SBA. These hearings reveal anything but an efficient and effective operation. Instead, the hearings, multiple investigations by the GAO, examinations by the SBA’s Inspector General and the Committee’s own reviews, reveal an agency that is deeply flawed with misplaced priorities that reduce the ability of small businesses to effectively compete for federal contracts, inhibit their ability to receive needed capital or obtain necessary training to operate their businesses. The views and estimates before us outline the actions needed to correct these problems,” said Chairman Chabot.

You can see the Committee’s full views and estimates for SBA here and watch this morning’s full markup here. President Obama’s final budget is expected to be transmitted to Congress next week.


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