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Chabot Introduces College Athlete NIL Compensation Legislation

Washington, May 25, 2021 | comments
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Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Steve Chabot (R-Ohio) last week introduced the “Modernizing the Collegiate Athlete Experience Act” (H.R. 3379) to address compensation for college student athletes’ name, image, and likeness. H.R. 3379 would create a government corporation that operates under the FTC to set rules and guidelines for how student athletes can be paid for their name, image, and likeness. The board governing the corporation would be composed of representatives of the conferences, student athletes, and the corporate world to represent all parties involved in compensation discussions. The bill also addresses the need for a federal preemption of the patchwork of state laws that are taking effect across the country as early as this summer.

“As a former student athlete myself, I know the value and importance of receiving an education while playing a sport that I enjoy,” said Rep. Chabot. “I also understand that society has changed and the opportunities for marketing yourself as a young student athlete are everywhere. I introduced this legislation to create a transparent system in which student athletes are able to receive compensation while protecting those students, their amateur status, and college athletics as a whole.”

Specifically, Chabot’s legislation would:

-- Create a corporation under the FTC to set the rules and guidelines for student athlete compensation for name, image and likeness, which will be run by a board consisting of college athletic conference representatives, NCAA officials, corporate executives, and former student athletes;

-- Establish transparency requirements, including that all contracts that are signed are searchable in a database online;

-- Prohibit inducements and foul play in manipulating student athletes, placing in statute prohibitions on paying or promising players contracts if they attend certain schools;

-- Protect the current structure of college sports, limiting the corporation’s authority to name, image, and likeness rules and guidelines, and regulating agents and licensees; and

-- Create a national standard for name, image and likeness compensation, as opposed to having different rules in each state.

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