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Reps. Chabot and Titus Issue Statement On Kazakhstan

Washington, D.C. - Congressmembers Steve Chabot and Dina Titus, co-chairs of the Congressional Kazakhstan Caucus and senior members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement regarding the turmoil in Kazakhstan:

“The Republic of Kazakhstan has been a valued partner of the United States since it declared its independence thirty years ago. We condemn the destruction of property and violence perpetrated by both protestors and government forces and call for calm. We urge all Kazakhstanis to respect constitutional institutions and the human rights of individuals. Furthermore, we call on President Tokayev to immediately rescind his abhorrent ‘shoot to kill without warning’ order, urge all Kazakhstani security forces to respect the right of individuals to peacefully protest unhindered, and for all foreign countries who have deployed troops to Kazakhstan to withdraw these forces straightaway. 

“We also urge the acting Kazakhstani government to ensure media freedoms are protected and resume internet services around the country. Peaceful protestors in the city of Zhanaozen have issued specific demands including calls for the release of civil rights activists and a return to the 1993 constitution. We insist that President Tokayev address these demands and urge all parties to begin negotiations for a peaceful resolution to the unrest.”

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